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We needed help recruiting both providers and leadership positions a few years ago. Brenda and Skyline Physician Solutions were local and came very highly regarded. We developed a wonderful relationship with Brenda, but it goes beyond a relationship to a recruiting partnership. Brenda believes in our team and our mission and has always been able to see the “bigger picture” as it relates to the recruiting issues we have faced. Brenda is a talented recruiter and the bottom line…she delivers.

Laura W.


Brenda helped me from day 1, with contract questions and information on “non-competes”, She helped me understand all the nuances of signing a contract and I know how personal she took the relationship. Brenda helped my wife and I with visa applications. The green card process was very complex and she was wonderfully helpful in getting us through it. Brenda makes you feel comfortable with whatever you are dealing with; she is like a family member rather than a negotiator. Sometimes there are questions as a candidate you don’t want to ask, but with Brenda, even the difficult questions were made easy to discuss. As long as you are open and frank with Brenda, she will get you the answers to your questions, with your best interest at heart.

Dr. Vimarsh R.
Hospitalist and Telehealth Medical Director

I first met Brenda a decade ago when she helped recruit me to a multispecialty group and we have worked together ever since. Brenda listens. She seeks out ways to address challenges that come up, to the benefit of both the organization and provider – that takes considerable effort. Once recruited, she has kept in touch with providers to facilitate their retention and success as much as possible. Brenda will diligently work with your organization to recruit the needed providers. I highly recommend her and Skyline Physician Solutions.

Dr. Patrick S.
Dermatologist -Private Practice

Brenda and I have worked together for more than 15 years. I always marveled at how happy and engaging she was with all candidates. She was always thinking about ideas to recruit and thinking ahead. Not only her positive attitude but her performance as well – Brenda is very good at recruiting quality candidates. I remember our recruitment meetings and dinners with candidates were enjoyable social gatherings where candidates got to know us and we got to know them. This made the interviewing more like family than like business. Hiring the right people in a mutually beneficial environment has meant longevity and stability in the Hospitalist programs I built with Brenda.

Dr. John A.
Systemwide Hospitalist Medical Director – Retired